Connecting Foundation Search with the Optimal Audience


In Absentia – The Remote Advocacy System

  • Maintains control of the sale
  • Generates access and consensus with decision makers
  • Leverages personal connection with recommending party
  • Adaptable for multiple, progressive stages of the sales process
  • Tracks response rates through designated contact info and page analytics
  • Online interaction contributes to positive social media and SEO rankings for brand
  • Unique URL (e.g. provides selective access


Direct the Agenda with In Absentia


This version of the innovative sales vehicle, “In Absentia”, has been adapted for Foundation Search and is strictly internal and prototypical. The final presentation will require copy approval, selection of and access to appropriate high definition images. Current cutaway shots, order and timing are for demonstration purposes and are acting as placeholders only. When the desired components of the message are determined and illustrated, the corresponding narrative will be adapted and condensed for approval prior to final production.

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